The Northeast Workshop in Empirical Political Science (NEWEPS) is a small working group that brings together scholars who use cutting-edge empirical methods to study the political economy of governance, representation, development and conflict. NEWEPS focuses on research that uses rigorous, creative methods to do micro-level analysis of key questions in comparative political economy and international relations. Field experiments, quasi-experiments, and innovative uses of administrative, remote-sensed, historical, or other behavioral data are of particular interest.

The group is set to meet biannually to discuss latest research and provide feedback at early stages of research projects. The aim is for researchers to incorporate scholarly critique and comments at early stages of design and analysis.

The meetings are supported by generous contributions from the participating departments at Columbia University, Harvard University, New York University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and Brown University.

NEWEPS-20 will take place in-person at Brown University in Providence, RI on the afternoon of Friday, April 28, 2023. Please go to the conference page for more information.